Web Design For AMP Pages: A Helpful Guide

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are a recent addition to the projects Google has started. The goal is to create web pages that are highly optimized for mobile devices. There are many different optimization techniques that have been developed specifically for this project. These techniques are enabling mobile users to experience loading times that are super fast. The sites developed using AMP are changing the mobile web scene and creating surfing speeds that were once unheard of. As you consider website design using AMP, there are some helpful tips that can be quite useful.

It is important to keep in mind that AMP is focused on speed and delivering lightning-quick loading times is what this project is all about. Once AMP pages are validated, they are stored in the AMP cache on Google. Also, the format is supported by many different platforms, and if other pages reference or link to your page, Google will index them.

With AMP, you do not have to replace your website. You can add it on to your existing site without the need to redesign anything. And yes, you can use nothing but AMP if you want to design a new website. You will want to make sure you speak with a Tampa SEO Company to make sure your website is optimized for search engine optimization. Page speed is important but there are other aspects of SEO you will want to consider.

AMP is ideal for a number of sites and hopes to continue improving for more and more types of websites. It is perfect for blog entries, news articles, informational pages, and just about any published content.

As you consider using AMP, you may wonder if your site needs it. Again, remember that it has been started to solve a particular problem, delivering super-fast content. In order to do this, however, AMP is not yet full-featured enough. It does not support JavaScript or web forms.

If you decide AMP is for you, you can get started designing your site. In doing so, following the AMP HTML specification is highly recommended. If this is new to you, there are many tutorials online that you will find helpful.

As you can see, if you are ready to deliver super fast loading speeds to your audience, considering AMP is a smart decision. Learning how to design your site for AMP pages is something you should consider, and you can find this information online. Use the tips you have found here to help you decide what direction you want to take your mobile website.…

How to Implement a Comprehensive Online Marketing Strategy

How to Implement a Comprehensive Online Marketing Strategy

This was a conference session titled How to Implement a Comprehensive Online Marketing Strategy from Affiliate Summit East 2013, which took place August 18-20, 2013 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Session speaker: Evan Weber, CEO, Experience Advertising

Session description: I will be discuss several ways to implement a comprehensive online marketing strategy for any website, affiliate or merchant, with practical examples of each.

Experience level: Intermediate
Target audience: Affiliate/Publisher, Merchant/Advertiser
Niche/vertical: Strategy

Note: the companies and positions listed above were current as of the time of the conference. Some of this information may have changed since then.

Affiliate Summit is the premier affiliate marketing conference.
This three day conference included an exhibit hall with affiliate merchants, vendors, and networks, as well as multiple tracks of educational sessions covering the latest trends and information from affiliate marketing experts.

Get more information on Affiliate Summit at http://www.affiliatesummit.com…

An Overview of Designing Microservices – March 2017 AWS Online Tech Talks

An Overview of Designing Microservices – March 2017 AWS Online Tech Talks

Microservices are an architectural approach to decompose complex applications into smaller, independent services. AWS customers benefit from increased agility, simplified scalability, resiliency, and faster deployments by migrating from monoliths to microservices based architecture.

In this session, we will provide an overview of the benefits and challenges of microservices, and share best practices for architecting and deploying microservices on AWS. We will dive into different approaches you can take to run microservices applications at scale and explore how services like Amazon ECS, AWS Lambda, and AWS X-Ray make it simpler to design and maintain these applications.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the fundamentals of the microservices architectural approach
2. Learn best practices for designing microservices on AWS
3. Learn the basics of Amazon EC2 Container Service, AWS Lambda, and AWS X-Ray…

What is the Best Marketing Strategy of All Time?

What is the Best Marketing Strategy of All Time?

The best marketing strategy for your business takes some trial and error to find, however, in this video, Dale Beaumont covers the benefits of one marketing strategy that every business should be using. For the full article, go to: http://bburl.co/1fm3cv7

If you enjoyed this video, I really encourage you to click the Like button and share with other entrepreneurs. Head to to www.businessblueprint.com where you can get access to a ton additional resources to help you take your business to the next level by implementing the best marketing strategy of all time!

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Web Designer In Botswana | Website Design And Development Services

Web Designer In Botswana | Website Design And Development Services

Web Designer In Botswana – Visit http://virincsolutions.com/services/ or Call 0026771782521. Website Design And Development Services at affordable prices.

In today’s world, an effective internet presence is vital to the survival of your business. Your website is a virtual shop front, where you open the do to welcome customers.

So it needs to look good, with effectively positioned images and the right fonts. It needs to appeal to your target audience and inspire them to come back for more.

But there is no point in having an amazing looking website that people can’t find in the search engines. Or that people cannot simply find their way around. Don’t leave things to chance.

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Affiliate Marketing Strategy That WORKS! Make Your First $10,000 Online

Affiliate Marketing Strategy That WORKS! Make Your First ,000 Online

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No doubt affiliate marketing is a great way to make income online, heck, passive income at that, but what’s the best strategy to become successful with it? That’s exactly what I talk about in this video.

If you’re new to internet marketing, affiliate marketing is a way to make money by selling other people’s products and services. This is great because you don’t have to actually create products, all you need to do is promote them.

Here’s my #1 recommended affiliate program to make big commissions ►http://FreedomInfluencer.com/success

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Nathan Lucas


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In’saneLab – web design and development services

In’saneLab – web design and development services

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What’s The BEST Online Marketing Strategy? – A To Z Online Marketing Strategy!

What’s The BEST Online Marketing Strategy? – A To Z Online Marketing Strategy!

Best Online Marketing Strategies – https://goo.gl/trTrNr

If you’re looking for the best online marketing strategy, click the link above to find out my top online marketing strategy that I implement into my business every day to generate leads and make sales.

Marketing online is an amazing opportunity for those who take advantage of it.

We no longer have to rely on people walking or driving by a store front to create a successful business.

Remember when it was said that the best marketing strategy was “location location location”? Well, that still holds true in the online world, but now, we have the opportunity to get our message or product in front of millions of people.

In this video I go over in detail a very lucrative way to build a business using the best online marketing strategy out there – VIDEO!

I started using video in 2015 and it’s really made a huge difference in my business.

Video, combined with e-mail marketing can be GOLD for any business.

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Web Design and Development in Ahmedabad

Web Design and Development in Ahmedabad


Rapid Technology Solution is the best website design company in Ahmedabad. We are offering Web Services, Website Design, Web Development, Internet Marketing, SEO Services, Ecommerce Development, CMS Development, Web Portals, Custom Website Development, Responsive website, PHP Development, Domain Registration & Web Hosting etc.…