Developing RESTful Web Services in Java

With the new major revision of the JAX-RS 2.0 API, a completely reworked reference implementation provided by Jersey 2.0 was released earlier this year. However, Jersey is not just a JAX-RS reference implementation. It also provides many additional features such as JSON binding support; integration with various containers and client transports (Grizzly, AHC, and so on); support for server-sent events (SSEs); MVC view templates (analogous to .NET Razor templates); and EclipseLink MOXy integration, with all its bells and whistles (JSON and XML bindings, custom object graphs, externalized descriptors, and so on). This session takes an in-depth look at these cool Jersey features that address additional use cases not covered by the standard JAX-RS API.

Marek Potočiar
Marek Potociar is a Software Engineering Manager at Oracle. He’s been involved with web services development for the last eight years. At present, Marek is a specification lead of Java EE RESTful web services API (JAX-RS) as well as the project manager and development lead of Jersey which provides the next major JAX-RS reference implementation release. Previous to this role Marek was leading development on Metro – The open-source SOAP web services framework for Java.
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