Digital Marketing Strategies for Education Providers

How do you build, implement and track the results of a successful digital marketing campaign in the education sector?

This video is a recording of a webinar presented in Australia in March 2012 outlining an approach to implementing digital marketing campaigns that align with the decision making process for prospective students.

The digital marketing landscape is evolving quickly and significantly in the education sector. Social media, search engines, web 2.0 and other channels are increasing the complexity of the marketing mix in this dynamic environment.

Compounding the problem is measuring the return on marketing investment in these marketing channels. It can take many months between the time that a student researches their options and their enrolling. This means that tracking the true effectiveness of your marketing campaigns is very difficult and typical approaches to measuring response rate and conversion may underestimate the value of the campaign.

The topics covered include:

– How to track success online,
– How to identify what works and what doesn’t,
– Strategies for nurturing prospective students, and
– Aligning digital marketing to the prospective student decision making process.