The Digital Savvy Recruiter Online Course- Tanya William | Digital Marketing Strategy

The Digital Savvy Recruiter Online Course | Tanya Williams | Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital is changing the world of recruitment, whether you like it or not. Do you want to learn how to use smart digital tactics to become a richer and more successful recruiter?

Everyday, I have conversations with recruiters, HR professionals and talent managers about how to successfully implement the RIGHT digital marketing tactics for their business. So many of you are missing simple opportunities and leaving money at the door. That is why I created the Digital Savvy Recruiter Online Course.

This course is especially for YOU! It is designed to be done over 6 weeks to give you time to learn then execute what you have learnt. However, you will get plenty of extra time if needed The course takes you through the right way to get started, review what you have, understand your audience, define the right digital channels, learn about digital tools you need to execute quickly, a big module on social recruiting and also how to promote and amplify your brand message.

This is highly relevant, often simple and inexpensive tactics to help you plan & execute digital into your day to day business practises.
As people learn in different ways the course combines visual presentations with audio, video, downloads, infographics and online support.

I am Australian based digital specialist. My courses are simple, have no confusing licenses, user levels, tiers or groups. Just log in and start.

So, if you want to be a digitally savvy recruiter so you can be richer and more successful then get more details on the link below

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Digital Savvy Recruiter
Savvy Recruiter’s Career Guide
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