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Your website acts as a virtual sales rep—an economic engine capable of catapulting your business to new levels of growth. Unlike a sales rep, your website will never ask you for a vacation or leave you for a higher paying job—so it is worth it to invest in a GREAT one!

Your website is your single most valuable marketing asset.

You’re insane if you don’t invest in a website for your small business ASAP. Here are a few tips from our web team to make sure your website is a lead generating machine:

Own Your Website.

If you’re going to hire a company to build your website, make sure you have full ownership of the site, the content, and the domain. You don’t want to lose the investment you’ve made in your website if you choose to split ties with that company.

Use a Content Management System.

Build your website on a user-friendly content management system (like WordPress) that will allow YOU to quickly and easily change content. This will cut down on having to pay someone to update your website every time you have a new product, service, or announcement.

Build Trust.

Trust builders are important for small businesses. That includes testimonials, accreditations (Angie’s List, BBB), and pictures of your trucks or actual workers. If all you use are stock images, you won’t build as much trust.

Build to Convert.

If conversions are your main goal, make it easy to find contact information on every page of the site. Don’t make people hunt for a way to contact you. It’s important to have options to call you and to contact you online, as various users prefer different methods of contact.

Mobile Matters.

Make sure to consider mobile (mobile optimized, responsive, etc.) when investing in a new website for your small business. With mobile search eclipsing desktop search this year, it’s more important than ever to have a mobile strategy.

It’s also important to note that you won’t rank as well in mobile search results without a mobile-ready website.

Content Is King.

Know that the best looking websites won’t rank if they aren’t crawlable by search engine spiders and if they don’t have content. If you don’t consider yourself a good writer or you simply don’t have time to write website content, it’s worth the investment to hire a website copywriter.

Your site WILL NOT rank without content. Don’t worry, we can help you there too!

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http://www.bluecorona.com/ | 800-693-7012