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What is branding?

As creators, we want to think it’s about us, our brilliant talent, our skills we’ve perfected over the years — all these magical things: color, space, shape, tension, harmony, typography, beauty, simplicity.

Then why do certain brands become great brands?

Brands that:
• connect,
• resonate
• and spread like wildfire…

Social Media Branding Strategies Every Business Should Follow
71 percent of brands plan to invest more heavily in social media in the coming year to reach new followers and build brand reputation.
Build your own brand using these strategies
1. Choose The Right Networks
It’s very tempting to jump on all social media platform but every social media channel is not the right one for you.
Your job is to find the channel that align with your brand’s image.
If you are a B2B business then channel like Tumblr is not for you.
Tumblr’s primary demographic is teens and people in their early twenties.
A better option would be LinkedIn since it’s a B2B network that attracts business owners.
2. Don’t Overlook Visual Branding
If each of your profiles looks like they’re owned by a different company, it creates a disconnect for your users.
You want your branding to be consistent across all channels. This will help people immediately recognize your company
Choose a color palette
Use the same logo/avatar
Filter carefully
Create templates
3. Provide valuable and shareable content
Every single piece of content you share should support your brand image.
Figure out which content is most likely to gain visibility on your social networks. Don’t be afraid to use visual content. Articles with images receive 94 percent more views.
4. Connect With Influencers
A good way to achieve faster results and amplify your social media branding efforts is to build relationships with influencers.
Influencer marketing allows you to piggyback off the audience that established people in your industry have already built

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