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What Are The Best Strategies For Content Marketing?

When it comes to getting content marketing to work, we have to understand the concept of marketing funnels.

Once we understand how a funnel works, then and only then can we really get content marketing to work for us.

Marketing Funnels – That Sounds Complicated?

Not at all.

Most marketing funnels are just a simple ‘flow’ of choices that we can offer to a potential client, that they will happily follow because it matches the way they solve problems and purchase products and services.

The simplest and most efficient way to communicate that is with the AIDA Marketing Flow.

What Is AIDA Marketing?

AIDA is the principle that when someone buys a product, they go through a set series of psychological and emotional processes.

That process is EXACTLY the same every time, no matter what the product is, or who the buyer is.

What Does AIDA Stand For?

Each step has its own name:

Each step defines a specific process that happens during a buyer decision.

So What Is The Attention Phase?

The Attention phase is where the buyer first SEES (with the eyes), a piece of content or information that gets their attention.

Something that resonates with them.

What Is The Interest Phase?

The Interest phase is where they pause and THINK (with the mind – cognitively – about your content or information, where they start to engage intellectually with what you are showing them.

What Is The Desire Phase?

This is where they start to make an emotional commitment to your products or services, they start to DESIRE it.

What Is The Action Phase?

This is where they take action with their HANDS and purchase your product or services.

So How Does That Work On An Individual Buyer Level?

So the buyer goes through this process, Eyes – Mind – Heart – Hands / Attention – Interest – Desire – Action.

In this illustration we can see a simple process of how the buyer receives a potential solution to the problem they are trying to solve:

If we match that to our marketing funnel, we create the path of least resistance to our products and services.

We can lead them to a sale.

So Its A Bit Like A Trail Of Breadcrumbs?

Yep, exactly.

You create a trail of breadcrumbs to your main product of service that the buyer follows.

So What Would That Look Like In Terms Of Marketing Content?

In the above diagram, we share a simple process of how we can lead someone from Social Media Sites to our own website where we can sell them our products.

Attention / Eyes – we get their attention with a social media post that points to Interest content on our website.
Interest / Mind – we convince them we can solve their problems with a piece of content that proves our expertise (like a blog article or a video etc), this then points them to our Desire content where we share higher value content. But now it is behind a newsletter sign up – behind a pay wall, this is where we gather their contact details – so now we have permission to market to them..
Desire / Heart – In this phase we appeal to their emotional values through our newsletter, we address their core values and present our premium product as a match for their emotional values, we can use our newsletter to increase their awareness of the value of our expertise / products / services.
Action / Hands – In this phase we offer an exchange of our product or services for their money – we ask them to enter into a transaction with us and qualify the value of the transaction, this would be a landing page on our website, where we would offer them some type of discount or incentive to buy with our newsletter.
How Do We Know This Works?

Because once you understand it, you will see that this underpins nearly all good online marketing campaigns, that this or something similar, is the marketing funnel most successful businesses use online.

They get your attention on social media sites, move you to their website, get you to sign up to their website, then offer you stuff on a regular basis.

Each website wants your email address more than anything else, that is where the real value lies as a customer…

It is the basic buying process that takes place in each well crafted purchase online, that we can take advantage of and match our marketing to…

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