Web Design and Development service Dubai, Digital Marketing Dubai

Web Design and Development service Dubai, Digital Marketing Dubai

Get the Best Web Design and Development Service in Dubai. Professional Online Technologies is the only company in Dubai who offer complete digital products under one roof. We had worked with thousand of clients and delivered thousand of products with 100% satisfaction.
We provides:
Web Designing
Web Development
Graphic Designing
Digital Marketing
360 degree photo-shoot
Hosting and domain
Account and Audit
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Social Media Tips for your Online Marketing Strategy

Social Media Tips for your Online Marketing Strategy

Looking to boost your Online Marketing? Add these Social Media Tips to your online strategy and boost your sales revenues.

Today I have invited Graham Innes of Creation Social Media www.creationsocialmedia.com in Perth to give his five top Social Media Tips for businesses to use in their Social Media Strategy.

Tip number one is all about making sure that your first impressions are right on any single social media channel you use for your social marketing. Make sure your cover picture is optimised or any other image space you have is optimised. Then it is important you engage on social media because many people set up lovely platforms but then forget to talk to people, so make sure you engage.

Tip number two is all about having a GMAIL account. If you have a GMAIL account remember it gives you accesses to both YouTube and Google+. It is important because both YouTube and Google+ give huge advantages to search engine rankings for social media on the internet. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet and if you can populate that channel with a slideshow and a description of your business it gives you a great chance to be found on additional platforms. The same applies to Google+. People shy away from Google+ because they see it as the platform that is never used very much in the UK. However you should populate it with content and once done you don’t have to go to it very often.

The third tip is look at how you use Twitter. Twitter’s search capabilities are now astonishing and Twitter is now the third largest search engine on the internet. That means there are hundreds and thousands of people out there at this moment looking for content on Twitter who don’t even have a Twitter account, and it could be conversations about your type of business that you need to get people to talk about. So Tweeting on Twitter isn’t the most important thing, it could be about searching on Twitter. Then there’s image on Twitter. Don’t be scared to put out images on Twitter because it helps to draw attention to your tweet and increases the number of favourites and retweets. And do not forget you can attach up to four images per tweet.

The fourth tip is look at your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn have spent a fortune on how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile by optimising it with images and with content. LinkedIn Publisher is a new facility LinkedIn has brought in that allows you to post the equivalent of a mini-blog on LinkedIn. If you go to put a status update out you’ll see access to the Publisher platform from that status update box. When you go into the Publisher platform write a short post of 200 – 300 words, post it out and it will go into the inbox of all your connections so they will be notified that you have published a post. It’s a great way to engage and a great way to keep people up to date.

The final tip goes back to the old favourite, Facebook. Facebook has made enormous changes through the last 12 months but one thing they haven’t changed is the ability for you to showcase a huge cover image on your business facebook page. The one thing people do not do is they don’t put a description behind that cover image and therefore they are taking away the opportunity for people to find more about their business just by hovering over the cover image. So if you go to your cover image and change it make sure you put a description behind it because if you don’t you’re just taking away that additional advantage for search engines to find out more about your business.

You can visit Creation Social Media at their website https://www.creationsocialmedia.com

For an article on Social Media see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_media

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Bendigo Web Design by CMather Web Development

Bendigo Web Design by CMather Web Development

Radio commercial for http://www.CMather.com/ CMather Freelance Teams provide effective and user-friendly Web Design services at prices to suit your budget. Put your business online and boost your sales! For free no obligation quote or consultation, please call 1300 628 437 (Call-back Service).

Summary of Internet Services:

– Content management CMS design
– WordPress Web Design and Development
– Shopping Carts and eCommerce Applications
– Website Maintenance, Marketing and Advertising Campaigns
– Email Marketing and Newsletter Design
– Domain Name Registration
– QuickBase Consulting, Project management and IT Contracting
– Shared, Dedicated and VPN Web Hosting Servers
– Social Media Interactions

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Nexstair a Professional Web Design and Development Services Company

Nexstair a Professional Web Design and Development Services Company

Nexstair is a professional web designing and development services company known for its creative team of designers and custom encoding capability.
As a website designing and development services company Nexstair offer professional and affordable services such as:
Creative Web Design and Development Services
Custom WordPress Theme Development Services
WordPress Theme Customization Services
SEO Consultancy Services
Brand Promotion Services
and much more
For more detail please visit here: http://nexstair.com/web-design-development/
Call us : 1- 347- 748- 1617
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nexstair
Skype: getitdone47
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My Best Marketing Strategies for 2018 | Creative Growth Plans for Business

My Best Marketing Strategies for 2018 | Creative Growth Plans for Business

Want to know my marketing strategy for 2018? ►►Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO tips: https://goo.gl/ScRTwc
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Read more on my blog: https://neilpatel.com/blog

2018 is going to be an exciting year.

The analysis on how much money we’re spending to generate the traffic and here’s what’s crazy, most people don’t realize this, we generate, let’s say a million visitors a month on Neil Patel.

Do you know what the cost to get there is with video, production, podcasting, blogging, promotion, ads, link building?

0,000 a month.

That’s what it averaged out to for 2017.

Here are my marketing strategies for 2018.

I just bought a blog in the marketing space for a half a million bucks.

They get a million visitors a month, and it’s cheaper to spend money acquiring people who already have the traffic.

So in 2017, I bought Uber Suggest, I think it was around 140 grand.

They had very little traffic.

I 381 redirected the site, traffic increased and guess what happened?


I hoped that my traffic would go through the roof, but nothing happened.

Uber Suggest was a good acquisition and what I ended up learning from that is, who cares about links?

Don’t buy anything for the links.

Buy it purely based off of traffic and just pay a simple metric.

If Uber Suggest has roughly 200,000 visitors per month, I paid a hundred and something; I would have paid 200 grand, the money didn’t matter.

For a blog that I just spent half a million on, their traffic ranges.

On a horrible month, they’ll get around 800,000 uniques.

In a perfect month, they’ll get around, like, 1.2, 1.3 million uniques, and all I’m doing right now is buying as many blogs as possible.

My marketing strategy for 2018 is to buy blogs based on of traffic.

I look at the top posts that they have and how qualified their visitors are and determine if I can successfully monetize their content.

I don’t even care if they have revenue.

If they don’t have revenue, even better.

The problem with Search Engine Journal is that they have conferences, they have advertising, and they have contracts for all of it.

I don’t care for any of that.

I just want the traffic.

So when you buy all these people for traffic and then you put it into your monetization flow, you can quickly figure out, what is this worth?

If I can’t make my money back in less than 12 months, I will not buy it.

The other marketing strategy that I use when I’m buying these sites is to look for blogs that aren’t monetized well.

The blog that I ended up buying for half a million bucks, they’re not even making three grand a month.

If you’re not even making three grand a month, that’s a good deal, right?

They’re like; you’re going to give me half a million dollars for this?

No problem.

Another creative marketing strategy I’m doing right now, is trying to buy a really popular marketing tool.

I don’t want to pay them all the money they’re asking for because they want well into the millions, and it isn’t worth it.

But, I’m trying to work out a deal where I give them X amount of money up front, let’s say a million dollars, and then give them a hundred thousand a month over X amount of months or a hundred thousand a year over X amount of years.

When I see inefficiencies in sites, I figure I can purchase them and double the revenue because they aren’t optimized for traffic or conversions.

So buy it for what it’s worth, optimize it, and then use the profits to pay them out continually.

That way you’re not using all of your money and the business is paying, you may have spent a bit more money, but personally, you don’t have to spend as much money, and that’s my marketing strategy for 2018.

My goal is to spend at least million acquiring businesses purely based on their traffic.…

Purchasing Solar Powered Street Lights For Temporary Use On Construction Sites

Large construction sites can benefit from solar power lights in many ways. First, you can buy portable lights https://www.solarlightingitl.com/solar-construction-power-trailers/, and they can be moved around as construction progresses. Solar powered lights are also rather inexpensive compared to some of the other equipment out there. Now, let’s talk for a minute about another major benefit, the fact that solar power lights don’t need an electrical power source.

Naturally, that is going to be a little helpful when it comes to working at a construction site. There will be power sources for some equipment and tools, but using solar power lights helps free up those outlets. Plus, it also makes placement of the lights much easier.

Working during the daytime, you wouldn’t think you need lighting, but you will at times when there are enclosures. Plus, using solar lights helps with putting in the extra hours and working at night. Whether you want to pull some nighttime hours for your construction project or not, you are still going to benefit from using solar lights.

Solar street lights (https://www.solarlightingitl.com/solar-street-lighting/) are also an excellent choice as they can be erected without any need to run wiring to their location and they provide a broad spectrum light across the entire city street or worksite. They can then be removed and taken to the next job site.

What types of solar powered lights are out there for you to use? They are all typically lightweight, which certainly helps as well. You are going to spend less on that type of lighting, too. They will be easy to tote or transport from project to project, and you will certainly enjoy the ease of using them. They power up quite easily during the day and provide bright light at night for when you want to work those late hours. It doesn’t mean you have to burn the midnight oil, but you can certainly use the help when meeting certain construction deadlines.

Using solar lights will get you to thinking about other ways you can save money and make your construction projects easier. You will find all kinds of ways, just wait and see. When you get ready to start using the solar lighting, wait and see how bright they are. Do make sure you get products that are going to produce enough light. There are different size lights and all different models with various features.

You shouldn’t have to worry about charge time if you stay prepared. Again, one of the biggest benefits is the money you save because that means you get to keep more of the profits from the construction project. You will have people working with you, too, and they will appreciate the convenience of using solar lights.

Perhaps you are the foreman or head contractor, and you won’t be using the lights yourself. Your crew will appreciate them, and so will your wallet. Get some lights on order, and get them on their way. It might be best to order them online so that you can see a much better overall selection, better prices, too. A penny saved is a penny earned. Now you get to enjoy all the benefits of those portable lights, and then you can tell others in the industry how great it is to use them with their construction projects.…

Low Cost Web Development Company 2017 Affordable Web Development & Website Designing Services

Low Cost Web Development Company 2017 Affordable Web Development & Website Designing Services

Low Cost Web Development Company 2017 Affordable Web Development & Website Designing Services

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